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Princess Photo Holder Book
Princess Photo Holder Book
Mins Studios

Princess Photo Holder Book

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Being the perfect combination of a collect book and a photocard holder, this book organizes your photocards while displaying your favorite one in the front! 

It has 14 pages- 28 pockets in total, and has a replaceable cover photo and keychain hole for optimal personalization. 


  • Book dimensions (when closed): 13.5 x 8 x 2 cm
  • Pocket dimensions: 60 x 92 mm
  • Made from premium PVC
  • White snap button closure


  • Due to the manufacturing process of this product, the logo and/or keychain hole on the spine may be printed slightly off-center. Extreme misprints have been deemed as B grades. 
  • Some dust and other particles may be present due to the manufacturing process, but it can easily be wiped away
  • The collect book may contain some wrinkles/small indents within the inner/outer cover
  • The characteristics stated above do not result in a defective product, so a refund/exchange will not be accepted due to this!